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Christmas Cards

2014 December 21

Bishop David EppsArticle by BISHOP DAVID EPPS

Finally, I finished all my Christmas cards! This year I sent out about 250 cards to members of my family, my church family, clergy in the diocese, and several military chaplains—oh, and several friends and other clergy colleagues. It is an annual ritual that I try to start work on around the first of November. This year I didn’t get started until December 3. But the cards are all in the mail now and I have breathed a sigh of relief.

For me, it is an important act. I realize that many people no longer send out Christmas cards or, if they do, they send them out by email. read more…

Looking Forward

2014 December 20

Bishop Epps (Cropped)Bishop David Epps

The Cathedral of Christ the King
Second Sunday of Advent
December 7, 2014

Sermon Link: Looking Forward

Cookeville Rescue Mission

2014 December 20
Bunny Boggs, Jeffrey Boggs, Kim England - Rescue Mission Director, Ryan - mission staff member, Father John Boggs, Sharon Boggs, Roger - mission staff member, Randy Schwab - mission resident.

Bunny Boggs, Jeffrey Boggs, Kim England – Rescue Mission Director, Ryan – mission staff member, Father John Boggs, Sharon Boggs, Roger – mission staff member, Randy Schwab – mission resident.


The Cookeville Rescue Mission in Cookeville, Tennessee opened in 1976. It is the oldest and largest rescue mission in Upper Cumberland area of Tennessee. It has persevered in glorifying God through the redeeming presence of Jesus Christ in shaping and transforming the lives of those in need.

In the first nine months of 2014, the Mission has responded to the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs of the homeless, hungry, and the needy. Those served have been men, women, and entire families with children totaling in number 811 persons. This number is projected to increase to 1082 persons by year end.

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Senior Christmas Party at Christ the King

2014 December 17

CTK NTO Xmas Party 2014

Beginning with a time of prayer, a Christmas party and dinner for Christ the King church members 60 and up was held at the home of Father Jim and Karen Taylor. Great food, fellowship, and conversation made for a wonderful evening. A game, “How Much Do You Know About Christmas Traditions?” was won by Gerhard and Bonnie Barr.

The Solace of the Ocean

2014 December 16
by admin

Bishop David EppsArticle by BISHOP DAVID EPPS

I first saw the ocean when I was 19 years old. I was a young Marine Corps private stationed at a military base in Virginia and, one weekend, several of us ventured to Virginia Beach. I was awed by the immensity, the power, the beauty, and the mystery of the ocean. That evening, while my comrades were bar-hopping and trying to pick up girls, I sat on the beach until long into the night. It was, for me, a place of peace, of calm, of solace. It has remained so throughout the years.

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The Advent Tabernacle

2014 December 15

GensemerFather Terry Gensemer

The Cathedral of Christ the King
First Sunday of Advent
November 30, 2014

Sermon Link: The Advent Tabernacle

The Prayers of Unbelievers

2014 December 14

Paul MasseyArticle by FATHER PAUL MASSEY

DEAR FATHER PAUL: Would you please try to settle a gentle disagreement between me and my friend Ron. Ron says that God does not answer the prayers of unbelievers and I say that he does. Ron quotes John 9:31. Which of us is right? Art.

DEAR ART: Thank you for your question. John 9:31 says this: “We know that God doesn’t listen to sinners, but he is ready to hear those who worship him and do his will” (New Living Translation). Using this single verse, many have taken the position that the only prayer God hears from an unbeliever is his crying out to God for salvation. Taken logically to the next level, by these folks thinking, John 9:31 means that God does not hear and will never answer any other prayers of unbelievers.

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