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Is it Possible to Rob God?

2015 February 24
by admin

Bishop Epps (Cropped)Bishop David Epps

The Cathedral of Christ the King
Last Sunday after the Epiphany
February 15, 2014

Sermon Link: Is it Possible to Rob God?

The Word of God

2015 February 23

Bishop Epps (Cropped)Bishop David Epps

The Cathedral of Christ the King
Fourth Sunday after the Epiphany
February 1, 2015

Sermon Link: The Word of God

A Bizarre Recognition

2015 February 22

Bishop David Epps

The idea of “world recognition” is usually seen as a good thing. The Super Bowl winners are proclaimed as “World Champions” as is the winner of the World Series (although it really is only a North American Series, baseball being played in quite a few other nations). The ultimate prize in boxing is to be the “Champion of the World!” So, it is with great enthusiasm that our own Peachtree City, GA has achieved world status. The community has been named as “One of the Four Most Bizarre Small Towns in the World.” Huzzah!

Peachtree City is right up there with the likes of Whittier, Alaska, which came in at Number 4, Green Bank, West Virginia, listed as Number 3, and Hogewey Village in Weesp, Netherlands which captured the top spot. Whittier is thought to be bizarre because, for the most part, it is an entire town housed in one building. Whittier has some 200 residents, almost all of which live in one 14-story apartment building. Also in the building is ”the local police headquarters and the local post office. All local government operates out of the building, including the mayor’s office. There’s a laundromat, a grocery store, and a video store. If you’re looking to get baptized, look no further than the church in the basement where the town pastor will dunk your head in a holy inflatable pool. If a resident wants to go on a relaxing stay-cation, they could stay at the bed and breakfast on the top floor and soak in all the exotic sights and sounds of being in the same place only slightly higher. There’s also a health clinic…” and the elementary school is across the street.

Green Bank, WV is known as the “town without tech.” Most modern technology has actually been banned by the local authorities and the town even has an anti-tech police force of one. All this is to protect The Green Bank Telescope which can be thrown off its game by errant electrical signals such as the type emitted by cell phones. There is one microwave in the town and it is in a vault. Spark plugs cause the telescope to have headaches as well so only diesel powered cars are permitted. And there is no radio station.

Hogeway Village is a town where every resident has dementia. The town was specifically designed to take care of dementia patients and, although it apparently looks just like a normal town, it is, is essence, a nursing home facility. The 250 workers in the town are health care providers dressed to look like clerks, neighbors, friends, etc. No one wears scrubs. The goal is to trick the 152 residents into thinking they live in a normal small town.

And why did Peachtree City weigh in as the 2nd Most Bizarre Small Town in the World? Two words—golf carts. According to the article, “Peachtree City is only 23.9 square miles, yet it has two 18-hole golf courses and one 27-hole course. For perspective, Manhattan is 22.8 square miles. So imagine two full-size and one mega-size golf courses spread around New York. Peachtree loves their golf. They love it so much that residents have adopted the most fun part of golf into their daily lives: driving golf carts. Peachtree City is the golf cart capital of the world.

“Over 9,000 households in Peachtree City own a golf cart. That’s more than any other place on Earth by a long shot. Why would so many people need so many golf carts? I can’t speak to whether they all just love golf that much, but I’m going to guess it has something to do with the 90+ miles of golf cart paths the town has packed into its 23.9 square miles of land. Golf carts are a way of life. The entire town has conformed to the golf cart lifestyle like someone lied to them and told them everything is fine and life is one big resort vacation. People can go anywhere in town on a golf cart. Children too? Yup!

“Once a kid hits 12 in Peachtree City they can legally drive a golf cart as long as they’re accompanied by a guardian. At 15 they can cart … around town without supervision. Golf carts are to high-schoolers in Peachtree what hot rods and dragsters were to kids in the 1950s. On any given day, hundreds of carts can be seen driving people around with hardly a full-sized car in sight. The local police department has a special golf cart patrol unit, and plenty of local businesses have golf cart parking spaces. At least one high school would prefer if their students drove to school in golf carts due to limited parking.”

This dubious award comes to these four towns courtesy of a humor site that is the survivor of the now-defunct Cracked Magazine which once was a competitor of Mad Magazine. Hopefully, the good folks in the four small towns will exercise some humor and laugh along with the people who read the article. After all, not everyone gets to be in the top four in the world!

David Epps is the pastor of the Cathedral of Christ the King, Sharpsburg, GA ( He is the bishop of the Mid-South Diocese which consists of Georgia and Tennessee ( and the Associate Endorser for the Department of the Armed Forces, U. S. Military Chaplains, ICCEC. He may contacted at


2015 February 21

Bishop Epps (Cropped)Bishop David Epps

The Cathedral of Christ the King
Third Sunday after the Epiphany
January 25, 2015

Sermon Link: Perseverance

ISIS Intentions

2015 February 21
by admin

Bishop David EppsArticle by BISHOP DAVID EPPS

Several years ago, an American contractor was captured by radicals in the Middle East. He was beheaded and the video posted for all the world to see. Previously, when I imagined a beheading, the thought was of the French guillotine or of a Middle Ages ax man chopping off the head on a wooden block. I also thought of a samurai sword cutting cleanly through flesh and bone. I had been told by someone or another that beheading was a swift and virtually painless, though gruesome, method of execution. Then I saw the video of the beheading of the American contractor.

As soon as I began watching the video, I began to regret my decision. The murder of this victim was neither clean, nor swift, nor painless. It was also more gruesome than I could have imagined. The victim was obviously terrified and had been forced to his knees. Facing the camera and held helplessly in place, the masked butcher standing behind him began to saw through the front of his throat. The victim screamed in panic and pain until the knife cut through his airway and his sounds ceased. The sawing continued through muscle, flesh, and, finally, through bone. Blood was everywhere. The killer held the lifeless head high like an athlete with a trophy. It was on that day that I began to understand who the enemy was.

Over time the killers have become much more brutal and indiscriminate in their butchery. Targeted are Christians, children, Jews, and other Muslims with whom the masked men of ISIS disagree. Recently a captured Jordanian pilot was burned alive for the cameras. Just days ago, 21 Egyptian workers, not soldiers, were beheaded at the same time, again for the cameras. Following the murders, the heads of the victims were mounted on stake. All were Coptic Christians and were murdered for no other reason than their faith. In retaliation, both Jordan and Egypt launched airstrikes.

On Monday, Pope Francis weighed in, calling the murders a “barbaric assassination.” The next day the Pope held a Mass in honor of the 21 Coptic Christians “…whose throats were slit for the sole reason of being Christian.” The Pope declared the men to be martyrs of the Christian faith and denounced man’s capacity for evil and destruction. For their part, the so-called “Islamic State” announced its intention to conquer Rome, the seat of the Catholic Church.

The title of the video of the beheadings was, “A Message Signed With Blood to the Nation of the Cross.” The Islamic State narrator says, “Oh people, recently you have seen us on the hills of Al-Sham and Dabiq’s plain, chopping off the heads that have been carrying the [Christian] cross for a long time, and today, we are on the south of Rome, on the land of Islam, Libya, sending another message… “And we will conquer Rome, by Allah’s permission, the promise of our Prophet, peace be upon him.”

In 1925-26, Adolph Hitler published “Mein Kampf.” In it, he warned the world what his intentions were. He was, for the most part, ignored. And then, 13 years later, the flames came and engulfed the world and over 72 million people perished. The Islamic State has clearly announced their intentions. They intend to unleash a holocaust. Only fools would disregard them.

David Epps is the pastor of the Cathedral of Christ the King, Sharpsburg, GA ( He is the bishop of the Mid-South Diocese which consists of Georgia and Tennessee ( and the Associate Endorser for the Department of the Armed Forces, U. S. Military Chaplains, ICCEC. He may contacted at

Eagles’ Andrew Gardner to Speak at CTK Men’s Breakfast

2015 February 20

Andrew Gardner

Andrew Gardner, starting offensive lineman for the Philadelphia Eagles NFL football team, will be the guest speaker for the Christ the King Men’s Breakfast on Saturday morning, February 28, 9:00 a.m. in the Parish Life Center. Andrew, a long-time member of Christ the King, was a stand-out football player for Sandy Creek High School and started all four years at Georgia Tech.

The price of the breakfast is $5.00 and reservations are required. If you have not signed up yet, send an email to Tuffy Handley at

Bring a friend. The younger males of the parish are also welcome at the breakfast. The church is located at 4881 Highway 34 East, Sharpsburg, GA 30277

Does All Life Matter?

2015 February 18

Bishop Epps (Cropped)Bishop David Epps

The Cathedral of Christ the King
Sanctity of Life Sunday
January 18, 2015

Sermon Link: Does All Life Matter?