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Ask Father Paul: Marriage Success

2014 July 8
by admin

Paul MasseyArticle by CANON PAUL MASSEY

Dear Father Paul: My fiancé and I plan to get married in June. This will be my second marriage and his first. I don’t want me (or him) to make some of the same mistakes I made in my first marriage. Any advice? No Name.

Dear No Name: Ah, June weddings. Such joy. Congratulations and all the best to you and your guy as you begin your new married life together. You no doubt know from your first marriage that marriage can be “pure heaven” or “pure hell” largely depending on what both of you make it. Judy and I will celebrate our 49th year of marriage this month and I am pleased to report that, by far, our marriage has been the former, rather than the latter. Although I am certainly no expert, my own 49 years of marriage, plus years of marriage counseling as a pastor, has taught me a few keys to a successful and lasting marriage. read more…

Roy Harrison Luster

2014 July 6
by admin

Roy Harrison LusterArticle by BISHOP DAVID EPPS

Roy Harrison Luster had all the hopes and dreams of any young American man in his early 20’s. He was married and was the father of three beautiful daughters. Times, however, were hard. The very early days of the Great Depression had gripped the throat of America like a vise. There were no safety nets in those days: no food stamps, no rent assistance, and no unemployment. There was no health insurance, and there were very few jobs. Somehow Roy kept things together and it was then that things got horribly, unimaginably worse. In a day when there were few treatments for deadly diseases that have now been virtually eliminated, Roy contracted Typhoid Fever.

I have often wondered what went through Roy’s mind during that terrible sickness. Did he worry for his wife? Did he wonder what would happen to his daughters, the oldest of which, I was told, was around five? When the illness had its full effect and he knew he was dying, did he wonder if his life mattered? The fever consumed him and Roy Luster died. He was 24 years old. He was my grandfather.

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Christi Thompson Conducts Children’s First Aid Class

2014 July 5

First Aid ClassChristi Thompson, as part of her nursing studies at West Georgia Technical College, with a few of her classmates, presented a first aid course for eleven children. Children from Christ the King participating were George and Charlie Metzger, Jocelyn and Lila McGee, Theresa Hodges and Ruth Dickinson. The children learned about basic first aid and how and when to call 911. The children participated in a rescue relay race (Noah Thompson was a gracious injured victim) and took home gift boxes with bandages, emergency phone numbers and novelty pens. Christi and her family are heavily involved at the Cathedral of Christ the King in Sharpsburg, GA.

Father Jason Epps Completes FBI National Academy

2014 July 5

Epps FBIJason Epps, who graduated last week from the 10-week FBI National Academy for law enforcement executives, was joined by members of his family at the ceremony in Quantico, VA. Presenting the diplomas was FBI Director James B. Comey. Epps recently earned the “Blue Brick” for completing the Swim Challenge by swimming a total of 34 miles in 6 1/2 weeks. Although several Peachtree City Police Department officers have attended the FBI National Academy, he is the first officer in the department to meet the Swim Challenge. He also earned the “Yellow Brick” by successfully completing the 3 1/2 mile Marine Corps Obstacle Course topped off by an additional 3 mile run. Only 2% of law enforcement officers in the nation are selected to attend. Epps, a CEC priest, is Dean of the Cathedral of Christ the King.

Thank You For Your Service

2014 July 4



It is fairly common these days for military veterans to hear from grateful citizens, “Thank you for your service.” Indeed, whenever I see someone with a military T-shirt or baseball cap designating them as a veteran, I express the same sentiment. I don’t remember the first time it was said to me, but I do remember that I was humbled and thankful.

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Thomas Metzger Completes Junior Citizen Police Academy

2014 July 3

Thomas MetgerThomas Metzger , of the Cathedral of Christ the King, completed the Peachtree City Junior Police Academy on June 13. His team won first place thanks, in part, to Thomas’ consistently coming in first place in the obstacle course, including the final day when the SWAT team ramped it up and poured water from the firehouse on him as he navigated the tires, hills and the wall that only he could overcome. (He had to assist his team mates in getting over the wall.) The participants role played some “routine” traffic stops.  Thomas’ favorite role play, for which he received kudos, was talking to a driver (role played by a PTC officer) who was threatening suicide and talking the driver into letting him take him for help. On their final day, the names of five students were announced as ones who had excelled. Thomas was one of the five. As a reward, he got to fire an X26 taser at an officer wearing special protective gear, and kept the cartridge as a souvenir. Thomas is the son of Richard and Sallie Metzger.

Women’s Luncheon Held at CTK

2014 July 2

Women's Luncheon
A women’s luncheon was held in the Parish Life Center of the Cathedral of Christ the King recently.  The event featured fellowship, a “quiz,” discussion, and great food. Sallie Metzger is the women’s president.